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"Start by doing what's necessary, then what's possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible."

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About Me

You have a little idea about me. Here's some more:

I organized over 18 fundraisers my Senior Year of high school (this was a LONG time ago, back in a time when hair was VERY big)... I am a former national champion in baton twirling - which during my freshman year I actually organized my own fundraiser to attend nationals, that's right, just me - I raised over $1,000 in two weeks! I particpated in DECA, Cheerleading, Student Government, and Choir. Our Choir traveled to England and each one of us had to raise over $2,000 for travel expenses - that's 40 students... WOW! Along with these groups I did tons of volunteer work and raised money for several charities.

(I look exactly like this)

After graduation, I attended college and took a break from my fundraising ways - however, once I graduated college I was lucky enough to get a job in college admissions and I supervised a group of Admissions Ambassadors. It was a blast! Although we didn't do fundraisers, we did raise money for charity! I currently teach/coach baton twirling (StarsoftheNorth.com) which brings me full circle to my competition days and of course my fundraising days.

I've come up with some of my favorite fundraising ideas - they're listed in the ideas section of the site - it's the orange tab at the too, so, make sure to visit it. Also, if there's something you want to share - make sure to email me or add it to the blog. Join our email list for the latest and greatest tips for your fundraiser - the sign up box is on the left of the screen!

PS: I have started a fundraiser opportunity to help groups raise cash, check out the Fundraiser section.


PS: I'm trying to "get rid of some things" - visit my bargains area, everything is being sold on ebay...

Please feel free to contact us at buzz@ultimate-function.com.


Welcome to FundraiserBUZZ.com this is a brand new site devoted to helping you make your next fundraiser a huge success.

Whether you're the mom, coach, teacher or kid looking for a fundraiser - and whether it's your troop, choir, team or community activity - welcome! I'm sure something on this website will make you think... "We can do that!" -

PS: Make sure to come back and let us know if you used a tip or hint on this site to improve your fundraiser! Add it to our blog so other people can learn, too!

Thanks for visiting & tell your friends!

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