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"Opportunities are usually disguised as hard work, so most people don't recognize them."
Ann Landers

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Ideas for Fundraisers - Add-On's

This is where your fundraiser gets exciting!

Add-on's are the little things you do that make your group lots of money. If you're having a talent show have a silent auction in the hallway. If your hosting a garage sale - have a fashion show at noon. Sell rafflel tickets before your standard choir concert. The ideas are endless - it just involves a little creativity. Ask yourself the question - What else will these people buy?

Raffle - a good stand alone activity. Get donated items and each member sells tickets. The cost involved is the cost to create a ticket (name and phone number) -- this however becomes an outstanding activity when you use it as a piggy back to another activity. Imagine you're hosting a talent show - people are coming and have time to look around before the event - they've got nothing to do except buy raffel tickets and put in a jar! You only have to have on extra person responsible for selling tickets! If your smart you'll have the drawing at the end of the show - that way you don't even have to deliver the winning items!


Bake Sale - Are you hungry at a choir concert? Your group can sell cookies and soda - but you'll make more if you get your members to donate trays of baked goods! Who can resist banana bread?

Pop/beverages - yep. if you're hungry so are your guests. Build in a break - your group is hosting a concert or recital - pause the event for a 15 minute bathroom/soda break! Sell some "T" shirts or give people a chance to mill around your raffle items! See how much money you can make in 15 minutes


Programs - Every star wants a record of their performance - print a program with a page of "good luck" wishes - it doesn't have to be super fancy - but if you're already printng a schedule, agenda, order of performance, or order of competition - sell advertising -- $1.00 a message really adds up quick!

Spare Change jar -- Put a jar next to the check out of your bake sale marked "donate your change" - you'll be amazed at how much change people just throw away. Hint... price your items at "odd" numbers so they have change to throw in (believe it or not pennys add up)

Penny Wars - OH my do I even have to explain how much money can be raised through this event? Does your school have a joint band and choir concert? Maybe you have a "war" between the choir and band to see who can raise the most - this can be a wonderful chairity event. Details on hosting a penny war are found in Create an Event.

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