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"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are."
Theodore Roosevelt

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Ideas for Fundraisers - Think Creative

So you're trying to raise come cash - look around for opportunities.

Does you school have morning announcements over a PA, radio station, or TV network? How about selling "birthday wishes" or "congratulations" messages.

Does your newspaper allow advertising? If not, approach them and ask about birthday-grams!

Happy Birthday

What else is there? Is there a long standing tradition at your school - for example, when our old high school was torn down the bricks were sold off... look for opportunities!

Candy/Vending Machines - Our class got the vending machines open during the day by starting a campaign to keep the hallways clean. The other students thought we were crazy for asking - but we paid attention and the main office was running a campaign (not so successful) to get the hallways cleaned up. They tried restricting candy/soda during the day - well, we approached the administration to keep the vending area open during the day and the halls would stay clean - it was a win/win and it worked. My downfall? I never recognized this could have been an outstanding opportunity to make money. Someone did? hummm..... think about it, many companies like Coke and Pepsi will pay a percentage to organizations for placing machines- they fill them and service the machines - if you have a place with good foot traffic, check it out.


PS: I'm big on birthdays... everyone has one, the messages are fun/uplifting, and they happen EVERY day so it's a great ongoing revenue stream!

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