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Ideas for Fundraisers - Throw a Party

Party Time! Dances, Fashion Shows, and "A-thon's"

This type of event will take more time, effort and organization, but it's a lot of profit for your group to grab! Why do I call it a party? Because it has the same planing principals as hosting a party - make sure to read my section on G-U-E-S-T treatment.

Our class loved to dance. Nearly every Friday night in the fall we rented the gym (cheap) and hired a DJ - we even got to the point where we convinced our classmate to bring his stereo system (it was nice) into the gym, we hung Christmas lights around the gym and there you go - instant dance. It didn't need to be fancy - but at $5.00/person we raised a couple hundred dollars every week. Make sure to read add-ons to learn how to increase the profitability of your event through food/beverage sales, photos, raffels and memory books!

disco ball

Fashion Show - how about a prom theme? Thinking of all of the dresses I have in my closet, I can only imagine the thrill it would be to get some cash for my old gowns. Pair up with your rival high school - Your dress from last year has never been seen at the rival school (well unless you wore it to their event, but you get my point) - Use the girls in your class and the girls in their class as models (this will get the guys to attend, trust me) - contact girls who graduated and see if they'll donate their dress OR tell them it's a $10.00 consignment charge. Then sell the dresses AND at noon have a fashion show with some of the dresses you're selling -- You'll make money from selling dresses, tickets, and of course your "add on's" for raffels, food/beverage, etc. AND it will be fun. AND you might get a great dress for the next dance.

"A-thon's" - what is that? You've heard of this... Walk-a-thon, Climb-a-thon. It's not tough to create. Maybe the gymnastic team hosts a cart-wheel-a-thon or back-handspring-a-thon. Decide on the "a-thon" and collect pledges. Let's say the gymnastics decide that for one hour they'll do as many cart-wheels as possible. You think you'll do 200 - get people to pledge 5 cents per cartwheel. That's a $10.00 donation. Imagine if you have 10 people sign up - quickly your 200 cartwheels is worth $100! Multiply that by your team of 20 and you've just earned $2,000 in one hour, all for 5 cents a cartwheel!


Things to be careful of: Cheap Rent! Don't have all of your profits eaten up by renting a gym or theater - talk to your building supervisor to piggy back on something else - for example, if they're already paying a building supervisor because the art department is hosting an art showing then time that for your theater rental for the talent show! AND there will be even more people in the area that will look at your "add-on" raffels or bake sale items!

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