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Ideas for Fundraisers - Use Your Talents

Do you know how many talented people are in your school?

Talent Show: You have singers, dancers, outstanding piano players, you might even be lucky enough to have a baton twirler in your school. These people love to perform along with your class crazies that will come up with a skit or comedy routine. It doesn't take much to get a group of guys to mock the dance line... and in the process, they learn how hard it is to be on a danceline! Ticket sales, programs, with an add-on bake sale will sky rocket your profits! Be sure to thank your performers - they just volunteered their time so your group can make cash!

Singing Telegram

Singing Telegrams - I have NO idea why our choir didn't do this. We had people that loved to sing! Imagine if your choir could schedule a singer to deliver a suprise "happy birthday" to a friend during homeroom? Wow - it's pure profit. Just need to schedule the time.

Recipie Books - Collect your group's favorite recipies and assemble into a book. Remember it doesn't have to be a fancy book - the most important part is the yummie food inside. If you're making this an annual tradition how about one year focusing on desert the next year dinner followed by breakfast! It's a great way to mix it up and make money!

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