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Baton twirling is a perfect sport for shows and half time performances, but once you're on stage you transform from baton twirler to feature twirler. This is a huge distinction that requires a different level of performance.

If you are looking to improve your overall twirling skills, FeatureTwirler.com merges the fun of twirling with the excitment of performances. Twirlers interested in improving their show should join us.. When accepted into FeatureTwirler you will be on your way to improving your crowd appeal, skill, techique, and overall show. Write us to find out more information.

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New Product
Personalized bag straps for your twirling case!
Personalize with your name and title OR team name OR school name.

Heavy Duty, 2" wide, 2' to 4' adjustable length -
Need help? email us!

Solid Bag Strap Colors

Black, Blue, Burgundy, Charcoal, Gray,
Green, Lime, Orange, Red, Tan, Yellow

Pattern Bag Strap Designs
( 41 to choose from)




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